Orange County Search Engine Optimization

Orange County Search Engine Optimization is what you are searching for, correct?

You are probably searching the Internet trying to find some seo company that can help you to increase your rankings, but regardless of how hard you look, you cannot seem to find the right one.

Am I correct?

This is because there are many companies to choose from and some; unfortunately most, are companies looking to make a quick buck.

Why stop at Orange County Search Engine Optimization?

Maybe because you want to rank for your local market?

Regardless of the reason you want to rank, the bottom line is that you need a service that can deliver.

Unfortunately most seo companies; especially local ones that you are looking for, such as orange country search engine optimization are not going to be cheap.

In fact, the services are going to be so expensive that you can barely afford them.

Lucky for you however, I am in contact with partners who can deliver results via whitehat methods.

You see, most companies who may seem cheap will actually jeopardize your website rankings regardless of the seo that you order even for local areas, such as orange county search engine optimization businesses.

They will use blackhat tactics, which can negatively affect your website.

So why even bother with such companies? Exactly my point.

If you want a seo company who works with an exclusive clientele and does not jeopardize your rankings, you want to check out this link.

orange county search engine optimization

This company is exclusive and hits your seo right on the target.

However, you should know that because it is exclusive, there may be a waiting list to be able to join, so if I was you, I’d put my valid and real e-mail asap, so that hopefully you can get in soon.

You do not want to spend time searching for companies who do not deliver.

Whether you want targeted traffic or local

orange county search engine optimization,

make sure to check the link above.

IM John Chow – Free Download


You may or may not know who John Chow is but he operates a successful blog and launches products that have helped people make money; supposedly.

I have not personally tried his previous products, so I cannot speak on them; however, the guy does run a legit website and he is successful because he receives much traffic daily.

IM John Chow – What is it?

At first, when I heard about this new product, I had no idea what it was. To be honest, I really didn’t care either. I mean “IM John Chow”? What is this a bad Jackie Chan movie?

IM John Chow

 What caught my personal attention was that John Chow’s twitter account has over 100,000 followers, so I thought “hmm, maybe this guy is legit?”

I started to read a bit more about his previous products to get a feel for what type of marketer he really is.

After some research, I realized that the main reason for why he is successful is because he started blogging in 2005.

For those that do not know, 2005 is like the beginning of the Internet when Google barely had all of these rules for how to rank webmasters.

It seems like the type of advice he offers for marketers to be successful is that if you build good content, the visitors will somehow arrive on your website.

This may be true to some extent because Google can rank you for some long tail keywords, so you may receive some traffic.

However, after reading some of the guy’s content, what I liked was that he really LIKES to write about Internet marketing. This separates him from many of the other wannabee marketers who make blogs for the purpose of making more money. John Chow actually writes, just to write on his blog. He likes to post interesting content, so that readers have something to read. I like that.

IM John Chow – He seems like a straight guy.

Anyways, he has launched a new product that is receiving rave reviews, and he seems to have put a lot of work into it.

I have personally not checked out the product because I am busy making money.

If you want to learn how to make money from a guy who seems legit, check it out:

IM John Chow Free Download

WP Quick Pics – Royalty Images and How to Get Around Them?

WP Quick Pics

Have you ever wanted to add photos or images to your website or service and could not because they were copyrighted?

It can get really annoying quickly if the good pictures are all taken up by stock photos and so called royalty images where you have to pay to use such pictures.

It sounds pretty ridiculous if you ask me because it should seem that all pictures are free to use, and paying $100 for one image is a plain rip-off.

Imagine that you are split-testing a campaign and you paid $100 for an image only to find out that it didn’t convert!

Now you have to spend another few hundred dollars to split-test a few more photos.

Sure, you can just take some images that are copyrighted and ignore potential lawsuits, but is there really a better way?

There is actually a better way, believe it or not.

WP Quick Pics?

You see on the WordPress platform there are a ton of images that are copyright free. This means that you can use them without having to pay for them.

And you know what the best part of it is? There are over 50,000 such images that you can use for your service or product!

Another pain in the butt moment is when you try to re-size an image to make it fit into your blog along with all of your other posts.

The great thing about this new WordPress plugin called “WP Quick Pics” is that it automatically re-sizes all the images that you want for you.

WP Quick Pics

This is pretty sweet because I personally do not want to sit there and re-size an image and have it lose its quality.

Another cool feature about the product is that you can type in a keyword and it will return the images relevant to your search inquiry.

So you don’t have to browse 50,000 images randomly, hoping to find what you are looking for.

Anyways, if you want to check it out, then click the following link:

WP Quick Links

The “Budge” Factor

Many marketers are not familiar with a trick that I like to call the “Budge” factor.

What this trick does is rank you higher in the search engines with literally 1 minute of work.

The “Budge” factor works for sites that are not updated often, or sites that are only 2-3 pages.

So let’s say that you buy 100 High PR Links to your site with 3-5 different anchor texts, and your site moves from #275 to #47 within 2-3 days.

You like the results that you saw with the 100 High PR Links, so now you decide to buy 500 High PR Links, but this time your site goes from #47 to #127 or your site does not move. Hmm, makes no sense, right?

Google has labeled your site as “static”; it does not move because it has already been shuffled in Google’s index algorithm to place your ranking even though you have built more links.

How to get over this “static” label is to add ONE SENTENCE to your site’s main post (homepage).

This one sentence can really be anything that you want, but I suggest the following format (without the quotes):

Niche of the Site: Weight Loss

Targeted Keyword: Fitness Training

One Sentence: “It is really true that fitness training helps you lose weight when you are doing exercises for weight loss.”

You place such a sentence at the end of your first or second paragraph in your main / homepage post. Make sure that you have the Google XML Sitemap plugin already installed onto your wordpress site before you do this.

Now within 24-48 hours, Google will re-shuffle your site with the new 500 High PR Links boosting your site up in the search engines.

The reason that I include the niche, targeted keyword, and several “random” keywords (example: …you are doing exercises for) is because Google will zoom in on the ONLY change on your site, which is that ONE SENTENCE that reminds Google what your site and keyword are about (Google compares to the most recent cache and sees a one sentence change).

Your rankings should change and your site should move higher.

I did this recently with one of my sites, and it went from page 20 to page 8 for the targeted keyword within 12 hours. Another keyword went from page 15 to page 3 in about 24-48 hours.

This works and many marketers do not know about it ;)

How To Become SUPER Authority?

Sure, you can have a small 2-3 page blog making $1+ per day with Adsense that you can either keep or sell on Flippa, but what about the long run?

When I was in charge of helping with 2 music sites, they became SO HUGE that they were receiving 15,000+ visitors per day!

The reason sites become so huge is because of the INNER-Authority, which many marketers do not know about.

For example, one of the music sites had 600,000+ posts! Yes, Six Hundred Thousand!

If there were no other projects and the focus had stayed on the music site, it could have eventually received 50,000+ visitors per day.

The TWO plugins you want to have to create a VIRAL effect and become a SUPER AUTHORITY in your niche are the following:

Tweet This

This plugin helps your visitors share your posts with others on digg, twitter, facebook, etc. It is very good for a VIRAL effect.

Only Wire

This plugin is essential if you want to become a SUPER AUTHORITY in your niche. Each time that you make a post, the plugin will auto-post to 40 High Authority sites for you.

This means that if you make 5 unique posts per day, your 5 pages will receive a total of 200 links! Over 30 days, this is 6,000+ links pointing to ALL of your site’s pages.

Alternatively, you can also use this Only Wire Button instead of the Tweet This plugin.

You can hire someone to make the 40+ accounts for you required at Only Wire at a place like Only Wire Service.

What do you think Google will say about your site?

Google will say that your site is a SUPER AUTHORITY.

What you would then focus on is simply building new links to your homepage and build up the Authority of the root domain. This means that if you build 1,000+ links to your homepage, it will effect each of your site’s page rankings as well like a pyramid effect.

The Sneaky Way To Rank #1 In Google

This is the sneaky way to rank #1, which many marketers do not know and actually hinder themselves from attaining good rankings.

I call it the “Greed Factor”.

When you reach the first page of Google with your desired keyword, do NOT build more links targeting that anchor text.

What you need to do is target the LSI with the target keyword in it OR to completely target a made up word with the keyword in it.


You are on the first page of Google for “Prom Dresses”; you are #5 to be exact.

When you build more links, you either target “Cheap Prom Dresses”, “Short Prom Dresses”, or “Unique Prom Dresses”; all of which are LSI keywords.

OR, you can target something you made up (why do this when you can target LSI?) like “Cute Pink Prom Dress”.

What this will do is tell Google that you are ranking not just for “Prom Dresses”, which is already on the first page, position 5, but that you are “natural link building” with a variety of anchor texts.

What most marketers do not realize is that when you reach the first page of Google, especially the top 5, Google’s detector goes off.

The detector sometimes automatically goes off, and other times your competitors report you, which triggers the detector.

The detector analyzes your site, and determines whether you are targeting multiple anchor texts, using less than 1% keyword density, using unique content, etc.

The detector will position your ranking according to Google’s specified algorithm.

So how to beat the detector?

You target LSI or made up words when you are on the first page. The made up words have to be related to your niche, so if it is “Prom Dresses”, you can’t target “Animal Kingdom”.

Now here’s the trick.

Because Google sees “Prom Dresses” in the anchors “Unique Prom Dresses” or “Cute Pink Prom Dress”, it will not only rank you for the LSI keyword but also for “Prom Dresses”, which is the keyword that you were targeting.

This helps you attain that #1 spot!

Now what would happen if you target “Prom Dresses” when it is already #5 on the first page of Google?

You will get penalized and kicked out!

Google Over-Optimization Penalty

Google is coming up with a new algorithmic change called the “Over-Optimization” penalty.

What this algorithmic change is intended to do is to pretty much penalize 1-2 page sites, keyword densities above a certain percentage, over-use of anchor texts, lack of content updates, and inter-linking through out your site with anchor texts.

So how do you avoid this?

It is actually quite simple.

1) Add one 500+ word article per week in your niche

2) Keep keyword density below 1%

3) When building links, use 5 to 11+ different anchor texts

You can check the amount of links that you have built, are losing / gaining on a day-to-day basis, along with all your anchor texts at Ahrefs.

4) Do not inter-link your site with its different pages

5) Do not do reciprocal link exchanges; ALL the links you build should be ONE WAY to your site!

Doing the 5 steps above should help you not get penalized with the new update.

The BEST Services That I Recommend To Use?

As of 3/28/2012, AVOID using the following services…I will add new services that work.

These are the services that I personally use to DOMINATE the search engines. More will be added later.

1) BHW User: Jacky8

1,000 ALN High PR Blog Posts

Review of the service:

The following results were after 2 days of the service.

Keyword 1 – 537,000 competitors (allintitle; real competition)
Before: Page 1, Position 4
After: Page 1, Position 2

Keyword 2 – 46,600 competitors (allintitle; real competition)
Before: Page 3, Position 4
After: Page 1, Position 8

Keyword 3 – 115,000 competitors (allintitle; real competition)
Before: Page 8, Position 7
After: Page 1, Position 8

Keyword 4 – 16,700 competitors (allintitle; real competition)
Before: Page 2, Position 8
After: Page 1, Position 6

Advice: Target 3-7 keywords with this service because it is VERY POWERFUL!

Remember to tell Jacky8 that Bobbylove sent you, so that you receive a 10% discount.

2) WickedFire User: WellWishers

Focus on the 100 PR2+ packages in his service.

High PR Blog Comments

Advice: Target 1-2 keywords; Pretty decent service.