Anchor Text Variation – 2012 Trend

Because of the new Google update (3/5/2012), it is now recommended to do the following when it comes to anchor text variations:

50% of your anchor texts should be your primary keyword.

50% should be 3-5 secondary keywords.


Primary Keyword:

Money Making

Secondary Keywords (LSI):

Making Money Fast,

Making Money Ideas,

Make Money Online Today,

Make Extra Money Online,

Make Quick Money Online

If you do this, you will be successful.

If you do not do this, you may be penalized by the new Google update.

11 thoughts on “Anchor Text Variation – 2012 Trend

  1. You read my mind bobby I was going to send you yet another email regarding this;)
    If you was targetting 3 keywords for example blue wigits, yello wigits, pink wigits, would you be penalised for using all 3 in every post on aln, ban & fbl networks.

    • That would depend.

      Are you targeting 3 keywords 1 url? Or are you targeting 3 keywords using 3 urls, which are inner pages of 1 url? (Example: ,, etc.)

      If you are doing 3 keywords 1 url, you should be fine.

      If you are doing 3 keywords using 3 inner urls, you should also be fine.

      However, I would still recommend having another 2-3 anchor variations as well; such as “Desktop Widgets”, “Website Widget”, “Dashboard Widget”, etc.

  2. Thank you bobby, that have been a problem for me for the past months.

    Now i will be more careful and i will have a variety of anchor text.

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  4. Hey Bobby,
    do you still recommend the aged domain 301 to new site?
    i tried it once, got to first page for couple days and now my main keyword is around #100+

    how would you go with new sites/keywords you’ll want to rank at the moment?

    still the aged domain–>301 to new site — > ALN for backlinks and thats all?

    or would you go with other backlinks strategy and maybe wont do the 301 with aged domain..
    would love to hear your toughts, i had some of my sites got a bit of slap lately which annoy the shit out of me, but i guess its a part of the process…
    anyway would love to hear how you’d go with new keywords/sites you’d like to rank at the moment, and what seems to work for you in the last couple days/weeks if any…

    • Really good questions.

      Yes, I would still recommend doing a 301 redirect to a new site (less than 30 days old).

      Yes, I would still recommend ALN; however, be sure to use Jacky8 service and target 3-7 keywords.

      Potential reasons for why your site losing its rankings could be content, keyword density, onpage seo, anchor variations, etc.

  5. thanks a lot for your answers man!
    if a site is more than 30 days old would you go with Jacky8 service already?

    also , regarding onpage SEO, i guess i’ll try to make things better for next time…what are the most important thing you recommend for onpage seo?
    good content(american writers ofcourse) , but what other things you think are a Must other than the usual famous things(all in one seo plugin etc etc)
    i’d love to hear what you do to make sure about good onpage seo

    thanks a lot! looking forward for more of your posts…

    • Yes, I would still use Jacky8 service for links.

      Good onpage seo is keeping keyword density around 1%, and having a 1,000+ word unique article. Using All In One SEO Pack and simply keeping the page simple and clean.

      That is really all there is to it.

  6. An extremely interesting concept. Have you got far more reasons? Work with, it will likely be a great weblog in the foreseeable future

  7. i agree with this 100. i have 2 sites practically identical in terms of content (spun of course).one site optimized for 2 keyword anchor links and the other for 3 pointing to it. various types of backlinking. my conclusion is sooo obvious. 2 is bad, 1 is worse. lol

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