Google Over-Optimization Penalty

Google is coming up with a new algorithmic change called the “Over-Optimization”¬†penalty.

What this algorithmic change is intended to do is to pretty much penalize 1-2 page sites, keyword densities above a certain percentage, over-use of anchor texts, lack of content updates, and inter-linking through out your site with anchor texts.

So how do you avoid this?

It is actually quite simple.

1) Add one 500+ word article per week in your niche

2) Keep keyword density below 1%

3) When building links, use 5 to 11+ different anchor texts

You can check the amount of links that you have built, are losing / gaining on a day-to-day basis, along with all your anchor texts at Ahrefs.

4) Do not inter-link your site with its different pages

5) Do not do reciprocal link exchanges; ALL the links you build should be ONE WAY to your site!

Doing the 5 steps above should help you not get penalized with the new update.

10 thoughts on “Google Over-Optimization Penalty

    • Yes.

      So if your site is and you have a page and, you would not link from to

  1. What about the sidebar? I mean, other pages will definitely be interlinked if there is a sidebar out there. From the article that I read, one smart way to interlink the pages would be with varying anchor, not completely abandoning interlinking. What do you think?

    • To be honest, I do not even interlink.

      The content on gets indexed in less than 5 minutes, which I will share how in a future update.

      You would want to stay away from tactics that may alarm Google of desperate SEO attempts such as interlinking.

  2. Does the navigation panel either at the side or top of the menu bar consider cross link? Or only those that is within the content and textual link is consider cross link? Pardon my ignorance..

    • Good question!

      The navigation panel is not cross linking. The content with textual link is a no-no because that is interlinking. Doing it a few times is fine, but with every page will cause Google to re-think your site.

  3. Hi Bobby,

    Sorry if this is posted on the wrong topic, but I have a big problem. A.K.A I am in the shit!!

    Ever since going with the 2 services you recommended, Lappanion and Cyber Rankings I received the following message from Google:

    Google Webmaster Tools notice of detected unnatural links to xxxxx

    This is really worrying me now and I dont know what to do!!

    Please help Bobby!

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