High PR Networks – Which Ones Should I Use?

As of 3/28/2012, AVOID using the following services…I will add new services that work.

I get asked a lot about what link building strategies to use to rank for keywords in Google within a short time frame.

Sometimes I rank for competitive keywords within 24 hours.

I recommend using the following networks (more may be added later):

1) Authority Link Network (ALN)

There are currently 20,881 blogs in the network (Feb 23, 2012), which means you can receive over 20,000+ links.

For most competitive niches, you need about 2,000 – 5,000+ links to rank in the Top 3 positions on Google.

The #1 spot receives 40% of the traffic, so that should be your goal.

2) Blog Authority Network (BAN)

Do not be afraid of the name “BAN”, you are not going to get banned; unless the network starts to create a footprint, which I doubt.

The good thing about this network is that it is better than ALN in the point system, which means you get more backlinks.

The bad thing about this network is that it is new and has less than 1,000 blogs, but this should pick up soon.

3) Free Blog Links Network

This is a pretty new network and it is better than ALN and BAN.

You get more points for submissions and your links are posted on only PR1 and above.

There are already 2,000+ blogs in this network, and it is growing fast.

Within 2 days, with only 600 links, a competitive keyword that receives over 500,000 exact searches went from #11 to #3!

4) Cyber Rankingz

This guy’s network is pretty sweet. You should see immediate ranking improvements for your 3-5 keywords within a few days.

I have used this guy and ranked very well within only a few days.

This is it for now.

PS. If you know others who may benefit from such information, send them to the sign up page:

Stealth Rankz

This is only the tip of the iceberg. Once there are more subscribers, I will share super secret tips that 99% of marketers have no idea about.

Stay tuned.

65 thoughts on “High PR Networks – Which Ones Should I Use?

  1. Thank Bobby,

    What are your thoughts on sites like Linkvana, BMR and the like?

    Are they on par with what you posted above?

    Also, are these sites for people on budget?



    • Hi,

      I do not recommend Linkvana because it is too expensive and strict. BMR is closing down from what I’ve heard, and the other networks are not really that effective.

      I only recommend what I use.

  2. Hi Bobby. Where do you find those high pr domains that you submit to these networks? I know you can find some but do we have to check certain things before/after buying ? Where we can find high PR domains for cheap to submit?


  3. Bmr’s closing down? Everyone was always saying it was better than ALN, well if their so good then why are they closed. I’ve been preach ALN from day one. Glad to see you making some posts Bobby thanks.

    • Just today (Feb 24, 2012) BMR received the Ban Hammer from Google, so you are going to see a lot more sites deindexed using their network.

        • BMR had a footprint of some sort and so they got the ban hammer.

          ALN is still working pretty well because they are constantly updating it, and trying to avoid footprints.

          It may in the future happen to ALN as well, but not yet.

          Remember nothing is 100% guaranteed.

          • When submitting an article to ALN, do you point all three links to the same site or do you split the links to various sites? The reason I’m asking is due to the article being a specific niche, so wouldn’t it make sense to have all three links to the niche related site?

          • Hi,

            Send them to 3 different sites. Because the links are coming from 1 ip at a time and linking to your site, you want to send them to 3 different sites. Three links from 1 ip, count as 1 link in Google’s algorithm.

          • By sites do you mean another website? What if I send it to different page of one website?

          • By sites I mean different websites. I do not recommend a different page on your site.

  4. Great information Bobby,

    I really like to buy blasts from ALN services. But maybe for the long term will be more benefitial to have the ALN service subscription!

    Waiting for more information like this. Very useful. Thanks

    • Outsource ;)

      Pay someone $.20 per each article submitted to ALN. I was a Power User at ALN, so I could submit a lot of articles per day, and for $10, you could have an outsourcer submit and spin 50 unique articles for you per day, which equals 750 High PR links on auto-pilot every 3 days.

    • Hi,

      I find them myself and sell PR3 for $10 and PR2 for $5.

      I have to try a bit harder now in the main places I look because many people are starting to put out fake PR using sneaky tactics, which has been brought to my attention thanks to a person who emailed me.

  5. You mentioned lappanion’s service in your post. Do you know what network he uses? I don’t have time to join the other services and do it so I’d rather outsource. Would you still recommend his service today?

    • Lappanion uses Authority Link Network.

      I no longer recommend him because of a few minor reasons, which is why I did not mention him on this post.

      • Bobby,

        Why arent you recommending him anymore?

        I went according to your BHW suggestion of using him and have seen some increase in rankings, although its still early days.

        As mentioned in my other post, Cyber Rankingz are being ridiculous with his price now at 99 Pounds per URL per month.

        Please help clarify this.



        • Hi,

          You can still use Lappanion, but I am not really a fan of the way he did business with me a little while ago.

          The Cyber Rankingz link in the post has been updated to the discounted link, so you only pay a fourth of 99 pounds.

          • So what did Lappanion do, or should I ask him? I just used him on your original recommendations without realising you were recommending someone else now and the results were just brilliant!

          • Lappanion did not do anything, but I have found other services that do a better job. When I find some service that is better, I recommend it on StealthRankz.com

  6. Well, i just joined blogauthoritynetwork.net and they have 578 blogs. The interface is great and they have nice features so you can send an article in a few clicks. Thanks for the info !

  7. Hi bobby.

    If you don’t use lappanion any more, what ALN service are you using then? I can’t imagine writing unique posts every day and then spinning them just to send them off to the ALN network.

    • Outsource to someone and pay them $.20 per article they spin and submit for you in ALN. You must be a Power User in ALN, so that you can submit a lot of articles per day.

      For $10 per day, you can receive 750 High PR links every 3 days. With most competitive niches about 5,000+ links is enough to rank you in the Top 3 of Google. Of course, you must have good onpage seo as well.

      • Bobby love your strategy and its going great! what are the steps i need to take after ranking a site after a week or so so it will hold on his positions?
        thanks in advance!

          • Awesome!

            and what if i want it a bit higher? :)
            just keep with the blog networks or should i diversify the anchor/backlink kind over social bookmarking/comments/articles etc and other stuff?

            thanks a lot!

          • may i know why not to use social bookmarking?
            i had some good results with them in the past…just would love to hear your opinion mate! thanks!

        • damnn didnt have the time to even get the fact that i’m on first page, and after 1 day went down from #6 to around #60
          anything i can do with it? or maybe it just a temporary thing?
          didnt send any links other than the ALN submission…

          • hey Bobby!
            its seems like cyber rankingz working great! thanks for this network!
            i’d love to hear from you what you think about making your rankings stable for long time, i had some huge slaps over the last couple weeks for some of my sites, and i mean, how can you live your life while knowing your sites get get slap every other day? :)
            (and i had those cases haha, i thought i wont have to work ever again already :) )

            also can you please suggest some tips on how to make sure your rankings keeps on google…what type of links? how many? more articles?
            i’d love to hear what you do to make sure a profitable site of yours will keep being there for the long term…(at least as much as you control)

            thanks a lot in advance! looking forward for some real long term business tips!


          • What works today may not work tomorrow, that is the SEO game.

            For example, a few months ago I could rank on the first page within 24 hours with social bookmarks, but now if you do that you’d get deindexed.

            1) When you rank in the position that you want, DO NOT add more articles; this effects your rankings.

            2) Once you reach the position that you want; DO NOT build more links, leave it as is.

            Those 2 tips above are honestly the reasons I still rank and many do not.

  8. Bobby,

    Thanks for all the info.

    I do have a question / request though.

    Would it be possible for you to post how exactly you use ALN for instance. There are people reading your awesome posts, that are completely new to this and would really appreciate your help with this.



  9. Hey bobby, what do you think of panda 3.3 ? People says that high pr links are bein devaluated and some website with lot of those links are getting hurt.

    • It is all hype.

      High PR links that create a footprint are being devalued, which is why I recommend avoiding certain networks in my other post.

    • Hi,

      I do not use foreign words or sites, so I am not sure. You would want to message the service providers to ask them.

  10. Pretty nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wished to say that I’ve truly enjoyed surfing around your blog posts. In any case I will be subscribing to your rss feed and I hope you write again very soon!

  11. Hey There. I found your blog using msn. This is an extremely well written article. I will be sure to bookmark it and return to read more of High PR Networks – Which Ones Should I Use? . Thanks for the post. I’ll definitely return.

    • Hi,

      Unfortunately, FBL has gone underground because they are scared of the new penalization, so you can no longer join; for now.

      I am testing out new linking methods and will let everyone know what works from April 2012 and onward.

  12. I have to say that for the last few of hours i have been hooked by the amazing articles on this blog. Keep up the wonderful work.

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