How To Become SUPER Authority?

Sure, you can have a small 2-3 page blog making $1+ per day with Adsense that you can either keep or sell on Flippa, but what about the long run?

When I was in charge of helping with 2 music sites, they became SO HUGE that they were receiving 15,000+ visitors per day!

The reason sites become so huge is because of the INNER-Authority, which many marketers do not know about.

For example, one of the music sites had 600,000+ posts! Yes, Six Hundred Thousand!

If there were no other projects and the focus had stayed on the music site, it could have eventually received 50,000+ visitors per day.

The TWO plugins you want to have to create a VIRAL effect and become a SUPER AUTHORITY in your niche are the following:

Tweet This

This plugin helps your visitors share your posts with others on digg, twitter, facebook, etc. It is very good for a VIRAL effect.

Only Wire

This plugin is essential if you want to become a SUPER AUTHORITY in your niche. Each time that you make a post, the plugin will auto-post to 40 High Authority sites for you.

This means that if you make 5 unique posts per day, your 5 pages will receive a total of 200 links! Over 30 days, this is 6,000+ links pointing to ALL of your site’s pages.

Alternatively, you can also use this Only Wire Button instead of the Tweet This plugin.

You can hire someone to make the 40+ accounts for you required at Only Wire at a place like Only Wire Service.

What do you think Google will say about your site?

Google will say that your site is a SUPER AUTHORITY.

What you would then focus on is simply building new links to your homepage and build up the Authority of the root domain. This means that if you build 1,000+ links to your homepage, it will effect each of your site’s page rankings as well like a pyramid effect.

9 thoughts on “How To Become SUPER Authority?

  1. Would you recommend Adsense for monetizing my site in particular?

    Since I will be putting in a lot of work, I would like it to make me some good money in return.

    Also, if I post every 1 or 2 days along with that Onlywire plugin… is that all that is needed to become an Authority and bring in loads of traffic? Like a kindoff snowball effect….

    The other thing I wonder about is whether keyword research really is necessary when it comes to posting new articles since my whole theme is a particular Niche (which you’ve seen)?

    Again, thanks


  2. Awesome stuff. Its timely that you mentioned this, I just hired someone on fiverr to create an OnlyWire account with 40 accounts already connected to it. My plan was exactly what you mentioned. cool ;)

  3. Bobby,
    As you mentioned I was using Only Wire plugin for my several blogs.
    Also the same, But I was stopped due to duplicated content posted on these 40 sites.

    Because you know the same blog post is posted on these 40 sites by Only Wire. So, is that powerful using Only Wire/
    Also what is your detailed opinion about using Only Wire for backlinks and traffic? as well as



    • Great question!

      Both onlywire and are pretty powerful and they help to make your site an authority.

      If your accounts were stopped, you may have to purchase new ones; sometimes this happens, even with blog commenting.

      I do not use those tools for traffic, only link building.

    • Hi,

      I had to delete MANY spam comments first and I just found yours and replied to it :)

      For future reference, email me if you have questions; I typically answer emails within 1-3 days max.


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