High PR Networks – Which Ones Should I Use?

As of 3/28/2012, AVOID using the following services…I will add new services that work.

I get asked a lot about what link building strategies to use to rank for keywords in Google within a short time frame.

Sometimes I rank for competitive keywords within 24 hours.

I recommend using the following networks (more may be added later):

1) Authority Link Network (ALN)

There are currently 20,881 blogs in the network (Feb 23, 2012), which means you can receive over 20,000+ links.

For most competitive niches, you need about 2,000 – 5,000+ links to rank in the Top 3 positions on Google.

The #1 spot receives 40% of the traffic, so that should be your goal.

2) Blog Authority Network (BAN)

Do not be afraid of the name “BAN”, you are not going to get banned; unless the network starts to create a footprint, which I doubt.

The good thing about this network is that it is better than ALN in the point system, which means you get more backlinks.

The bad thing about this network is that it is new and has less than 1,000 blogs, but this should pick up soon.

3) Free Blog Links Network

This is a pretty new network and it is better than ALN and BAN.

You get more points for submissions and your links are posted on only PR1 and above.

There are already 2,000+ blogs in this network, and it is growing fast.

Within 2 days, with only 600 links, a competitive keyword that receives over 500,000 exact searches went from #11 to #3!

4) Cyber Rankingz

This guy’s network is pretty sweet. You should see immediate ranking improvements for your 3-5 keywords within a few days.

I have used this guy and ranked very well within only a few days.

This is it for now.

PS. If you know others who may benefit from such information, send them to the sign up page:

Stealth Rankz

This is only the tip of the iceberg. Once there are more subscribers, I will share super secret tips that 99% of marketers have no idea about.

Stay tuned.