Adsense Espionage Commando For Increasing Your CPC

Here’s a super secret method for increasing your Adsense CPC, which many marketers do not know how to do.

This method can help you go from earning $.07 CPC to over $.78 CPC overnight!

What you are going to do is to take a look at the URL’s shown on your adsense ads, and take those URL’s and head over to iSpionage.

So in this example, you would take “” and go to iSpionage and put it in the box and click search.

Once you have clicked search, you want to click on “Ads” and look for the exact Adsense URL advertising on your site, which in this case is ““.

You want to look at the “Ad Copy”, “Keyword”, “CPC”, “Days Seen”, and “Last Seen” to figure out exactly what the advertiser is paying to place the ad on your site.

Once you find the CPC that they pay, you can decide to either keep or remove their URL from your site.

If you choose to block the advertiser’s URL, login to your Adsense account and click on Block URL or Site, add the advertiser’s URL, and click save.

Now you repeat this process for all the advertisers on your site who are using Adsense.

You would need to have a membership at iSpionage for this to work.

Word of Caution: Do not click on your Adsense ads, or you will get banned.

Using this method will help you earn a higher CPC per ad!