What Do I Think About The Following High PR Networks?

The following networks and my thoughts: (more may be added later)

1) Linkaloha.com

I tend to stay away from sites that show very sophisticated diagrams of links interlinking with each other to create a tier pyramid system. This is not effective because it is only the first tier that is actually giving you the backlinks; not the rest of the link tiers.


Tier 3 (Xrumer) ==> Tier 2 (Web 2.0) ==> Tier 1 (High PR Links) ==> Money Site

The only reason you would see a little bit of ranking improvement is because there are Tier 1 links pointing to your site. The rest of the tier 2 and tier 3 are a waste of time.

If you want to try this network, then go ahead, but I personally would not use it.

2) HighPRSociety.com

I stay away from networks that give out the sites that your link is placed on. By giving out the information about the sites in the system, they are creating a footprint, which is going to get all those sites deindexed and penalized at some point in the near future.

I do not recommend this network.

3) SEO Link Vine

This is a pretty poor network because they rarely drip your links to their sites within the system, and you have to submit a lot of articles to obtain a few backlinks. I had over 60+ articles with them and only received 100+ links whereas in Authority Link Network (ALN) within 3 days I had over 1,000+ links from High PR sites with 60+ articles.

I do not recommend this network.

4) LinkVana

I have not personally used LinkVana, but their network cost of $147 per month is too much for a network that requires constant unique content to be added daily. Sure, you can outsource, but your expenses are going to be a lot if you want to build tons of links.

Too expensive, too few links, also seems quite strict.

I would personally not use them.

5) SEO Link Monster

This was the supposed “newest” High PR network last month (Feb 2012) and guess what? It is now deindexing sites left and right. They also only publish to a handful of sites per day for you to get links. Who wants to be limited with their link building strategy? Not me.

The owner is the same owner as SEO Link Vine; he does not know what he is doing.

I would personally not use them.