Youtube Adsense Commando – $1,000+ Per Month For 30 Minutes Of Work Per Day

Do you want to make super easy money with youtube?

I am going to explain a method that 99% of youtube marketers do not know or understand.

Many go after “increasing views” and trying to look for the next biggest software. Let me break the news to you, there are no software that work for increasing views in 2012!

You do not need those stuff to succeed and make money with youtube. When you try to “cheat” the system, you will be thinking in the wrong direction and going at it from the wrong angle.

Here is a legit way to make money with youtube really easily, so easy that anyone can do it ;)

What you need to make $1,000+ per month with youtube and adsense working only 30 minutes per day or less is:

1) Youtube

2) Adsense

3) Youtube Keyword Tool

The Youtube Keyword Tool is very good to see the type of search numbers that various keywords get on the youtube platform. Many people do not know about it, and those who do know about it, do not know how to make money.

So here’s the basic run down of the Youtube Adsense Commando method:

You sign up with youtube (if you do not already have one) ==> Sign up with adsense (if you do not have one) ==> upload videos to your youtube channel ==> Enable adsense on the videos (it should give you the option once you start to receive views naturally) ==> Add more videos daily ==> Make Bank!

The trick with the method is the following: (Important)

You want to upload videos about “funny cats” and “funny pranks”.

See the trend?

It is all about videos being FUNNY and those 2 types of keywords “cats and pranks”.

These videos WORK and they will get you MANY THOUSANDS of views per week on AUTO-PILOT.

Here is what the numbers look like:

*Click the picture above to see with Clarity.

*Make sure to choose “English, United States, and Exact”.

The keywords FUNNY “cats and pranks” receive over 1,000,000+ exact searches per month!

Each 1,000 youtube views should earn you $1+ on adsense.

If you follow this method, each of your videos will receive at least 10,000+ views per month, which is about $10+ per video. This may not seem like a lot, but each video and its configuration takes about 5-10 minutes to setup, so think about it as this: 10 minutes = $10; $1 per minute.

Some videos may receive more views; some will receive less, but on average, each video should receive 10,000+ views per month.

The configurations for a video to receive a lot of views are the following:

1) Title (Second Most Important)

When creating the title always start with the word FUNNY. Example, “FUNNY Cat Makes Farting Sounds!” or “FUNNY Cat Making Loud Fart Noises LOL”

Or, “FUNNY Cat Farts – SO CUTE!”

Or, “FUNNY Prank Goes Too Far WOW”

2) Thumbnail (Most Important)

I recommend buying, making, or using unique thumbnails that stand out.

The best thumbnails to use are cute girls (although you should be cautious because adsense could ban you for misleading the visitors).

You can order cute thumbnails from this fiverr service for $5:

Cute Thumbnails Fiverr

Now you wouldn’t want to pay $5 for each video that you upload or have the same thumbnail for every video; however, each thumbnail should stand out, or else you will not receive many views.

3) Description

Make it simple and do not promote anything in the description (optional).

A description should say something like:

“FUNNY Cats try and fool people by eating the cheese from the box. Cats can be so smart sometimes LOL”.

Do not say something that could offend the viewers because most of them are very emotional and will get angry easily.

So do not say in the description “FUNNY Cats and their dumbness causes many to laugh at their stupidity”.

You will get so many negative votes, it is not even funny.

4) Tags

Make it simple and do not spam. Put tags such as “FUNNY, fun, lovable, adorable, goofy, cats, cat, prank, pranks, pranksters, fart, farting, laugh, watch, video, sound”, etc.

Do not mislead with the youtube tags, so do not put “prank” when the video is about cats; unless it is a prank on a cat or a cat prank.

Words of Caution: Avoid keywords and videos related to fighting, mature content, accidents, collisions, disasters, crying, anger, rage, failed stunts, car races, street racing, etc. because adsense will ban you.

You can find content:

Metacafe, Dailymotion, Liveleak, CollegeHumor, etc.

You can use sites similar to KeepVid to download videos, so that you can upload them to youtube.

Words of Caution: Avoid copyright content.

Here’s a secret tactic to receive content that is unique and not copyrighted.

Go to craigslist or fiverr and tell the people that you will pay them a quick $5 via paypal for a 30 seconds or 1 minute video of them taping their cats, pranks, or doing something goofy and funny. Tell them you want to add it to your site for good fun.

Words of Advice: Each youtube account could have 20 to 50 videos with no problem, any more than that then you may need more youtube accounts. Make sure to use proxies when logging in and creating new accounts.

You can purchase accounts from the following sites:

Data Entry Assistant - Make sure to contact them regarding your inquiries before buying, so that they can answer all your questions.

Fresh Account Store – For all your other account needs; make sure to contact them before hand if you have any questions.

How much money can you make?

You can upload 3-4 videos per day easily within 30 minutes and receive over 30,000 – 40,000+ views per month on auto-pilot from those videos. 3-4 videos per day will help you earn anywhere between $900 – $1,200+ with adsense each month. Why stop at 3-4 videos per day?

Want to Expand?


You can easily outsource at the following sites:

1) Odesk

2) vWorker

3) Online Jobs

This method works, and it works very well.

There is no reason why you can not earn at least $1,000+ per month.

Till next time,