Internet Marketing: Benefits and Limitations

Internet Marketing

When a company plans to produce a product, they have to consider the four P’s. The four P’s are product, packaging, placing and promotion. In order to make a product successful all these four main aspects of a product should be kept in mind and special attention should be paid to all four of them. Lacking in one of them may cause your product sales to decrease. Although all four are equally important some people tend to believe that amongst these marketing is the most important.

The AMA has defined marketing as an activity that creates products, communicates with internet marketingthe clients and exchanges views and ideas in the most satisfying manner possible to benefit the community at large. The advertisements we see on televisions, radios, internet,and hoardings along with the ones in various newspapers and magazines is all part of marketing. It is the marketing that introduces us to the newly offered product.

Marketing is done through two main methods: electronic media and print media. Previously print media played a major role in marketing as newspapers were more easily accessible than television. However, now with the advent of the new century, media has become an even bigger influence than print media. Majority of the people have access to television and radios but the most drastic change in marketing has been brought about by internet. Internet marketing also known as web marketing and includes the following types: Display Advertising, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Referral Marketing, Affiliate Marketing and Content Marketing.

Internet has brought exponential changes to our world. It has made this planet a global village. Internet has reduced the distance of thousands of miles to mere nothing. Day’s work can now be done in hours and hours work is complete in minutes. Internet has made this world such a fast paced place that it becomes impossible at times to keep up with the world.

Essentially, the most important reason why internet marketing is very important to a company is because it has a low cost in comparison to the masses that are reached through this way. A wide audience is accessible through limited budgets. Not only this, cheap surveys and market research can be conducted. Market research allows us to invest our money and energy in a product that is more in demand rather than one that is of no use. Result statistics are attained via internet to see the popularity of the object as well as the sales which may be achieved. Moreover, internet connects technology with creativity. Design, development, advertising and sales are all interwoven under the banner of internet marketing. In our fast paced life, more and more people are seen buying and selling goods on the internet. It is not only quicker to accomplish but also at times irresistible deals are offered to the online shoppers that are not normally obtainable.

Internet Marketing

To establish a prosperous business it has become indispensable that one has a strong internet base. Without utilizing the latest methods of advertisement and marketing, you lack behind your competitors always. Moreover, the social websites play a vital role in internet marketing. Website traffic and attention that is gained via social websites is known as social media marketing. The basic thing while working with social media marketing is to keep in mind that the content and advertisements you post on the site are both interesting and eye catching. Only then you can attract people’s attention towards your product and make sure that they share it with their fellows. These social sites are a platform for the individuals to make new friends and be in communication with people around the world.

The most prominent of these sites are Google, twitter, you tube and Facebook. Companies and marketers join these social sites and have an interaction with the public at large. This interaction results in the development of loyalty in the users. They come to trust the companies after their interaction and are more likely to buy their products than any other place. Also, the cellphone companies have provided the buyers with applications that allow them to be constantly in contact with their social accounts no matter where they are. This has benefitted the marketers as they can inform their followers about the new products and their uses at any time.

Though, internet is a very cheap way of marketing, one must keep it in mind that it is a very diverse field. We have come a long way from the first time when internet was introduced. It is now central to whatever we do and at times our successes and failures are dependent on it. No novice or less-learned can handle the complexity of the internet marketing. It requires professional degree holders with years of experience to manage your internet marketing. It is not only using social sites and sending emails but a complex work that involves setting up websites, internet blogging, Search Engine Optimization and many more. A learned and experienced person must be appointed to see over the company’s internet marketing. No compromise should be done with regard to this. Another, limitation of internet marketing is that potential buyers cannot touch, see and smell the product practically. It makes it difficult for the buyers to trust the company and make an investment when they are in constant fear that the product might not be as they overcome this glitch, companies offer people money back guarantees and facilities like pick-up services.

Furthermore, Guerilla marketing methods have become a blessing for the low budgeted businesses. Guerilla marketing is a popular word in the marketing industry and refers to the methods that are more energy consuming than costly when it comes to the marketing of any product. It is very helpful for those businesses that have low profits. It requires imagination and unconventional methods to gain public’s attention. Methods are implemented to amass maximum number of people with the minimum budget possible and make them interested in your product. Internet is also a cheap accomplice of guerilla marketing methods and together they help attain maximum results with the tiniest capital investment.

Hence, through all this we see that internet is the part and parcel of our life and is extremely beneficial for us when used in the right direction.

Internet Marketing