Pinterest – New Trend To Make Thousands?

Pinterest is the fastest growing site online at the moment (3/2/2012).

Within 1 year, Pinterest is almost the size of Tumblr and a third of the size of Twitter!

The main demographics are women.

How can you monetize?

Monetization 1a:

You can pin original content found on foreign websites or on sites like Tumblr.

Avoid: Copyright content or you can be taken to court.

You can have adsense, cpa, clickbank, weight loss products, beauty, health, make up, etc. on your site that caters to women.

When you pin content, users can come to your site by clicking on the pinned images. This is why you should upload content to your site and then pin them on Pinterest after.

Monetization 1b:

You can re-pin other viral content on the Pinterest site and build up a large follower list before you start to add your own content and send users to your site which has ads, products, leads, etc.

Monetization 2:

Build a software, outsource, or find someone who can help you with this, which is to SELL REAL Pinterest followers.

This monetization method alone could make you several thousand dollars per month because no one else is currently doing it.

This is the NEWEST Trend, so you want to start soon and be ahead.