The BEST Services That I Recommend To Use?

As of 3/28/2012, AVOID using the following services…I will add new services that work.

These are the services that I personally use to DOMINATE the search engines. More will be added later.

1) BHW User: Jacky8

1,000 ALN High PR Blog Posts

Review of the service:

The following results were after 2 days of the service.

Keyword 1 – 537,000 competitors (allintitle; real competition)
Before: Page 1, Position 4
After: Page 1, Position 2

Keyword 2 – 46,600 competitors (allintitle; real competition)
Before: Page 3, Position 4
After: Page 1, Position 8

Keyword 3 – 115,000 competitors (allintitle; real competition)
Before: Page 8, Position 7
After: Page 1, Position 8

Keyword 4 – 16,700 competitors (allintitle; real competition)
Before: Page 2, Position 8
After: Page 1, Position 6

Advice: Target 3-7 keywords with this service because it is VERY POWERFUL!

Remember to tell Jacky8 that Bobbylove sent you, so that you receive a 10% discount.

2) WickedFire User: WellWishers

Focus on the 100 PR2+ packages in his service.

High PR Blog Comments

Advice: Target 1-2 keywords; Pretty decent service.

22 thoughts on “The BEST Services That I Recommend To Use?

  1. Hello Bobby, thank you for your advices here, my question is I have a Keyword which have a lot of Competition, and I’m stuck at page 6, would you recommence me to build only High PR blog post and profile backlinks from now on?

  2. would you go with those services for new sites as well?
    or everything should be on redirect from aged site?
    thanks a lot!

  3. Thanks. That ALN provider is expensive though at 10 cents per ALN blog post. I never pay more than 3.5 cents. It’s easy to scrape and spin my own content and my provider has a smooth interface for submitting (in bulk or dripping) to both ALN and FBL. Email Raj at and mention my name “Josh” for 10% extra submissions on top of whatever you order. I bought 1200 submission credits which gives me 18k high-pr blog posts with 3 links in each that I can use at my discretion with Bobby’s technique. Awesome results so far!

  4. Bobby,

    My site’s homepage was sandboxed, would this help me get out of the sandbox? Any advice would be appreciated!

  5. Bobby I have another Question,
    I will rank for
    “A B C” and i have
    now i see “C B A” get a lot of searches too so should I use for both keyword, or should I buy

    Thank you

  6. Love your advice bobby. kind of you to share your 301 technique on bhw. i’m trying it myself and waiting for my domain to transfer from the auction. godaddy says up to 2weeks. hopefully they dont take 2long. can i just host my 301 on my justhost host? you said as long as the ips are different. i’ll put the new site on namecheap

    • You can host wherever you want, I use namecheap because they have 24/7 support, and do transferring of site for you and for free if you decide to sell on Flippa.

  7. Thanks for all the great advice here on stealthrankz and the tutorial on BHW with the 301′d domain. I contacted Jacky8 regarding the blog posts and purchased an amount equal to what you recommended on BHW with rankblasters. However, after talking with Jack, he mentioned a high probability of being sandboxed with that level of link building via ALN so soon. Anything to be worried about here? Also, if it’s possible to find an aged EMD domain, can you bypass the 301 process and simply host the aged domain and use it instead?

    • Hi,

      Remember all my subscribers receive 10% off ordering from Jacky8!

      You simply tell him that Bobby sent you and you pay the price minus 10%.

      You should use 5+ anchor texts.

      I would not recommend skipping the 301 process if you are serious about ranking.

  8. Bobby, Wellwisher’s thread is closed is there another way to contact him/her? I don’t frequent that particular forum much so I’m not able to pm them.

  9. Current there’s a lot of saying on ALN link doesn’t work anymore and BMR is going down.. etc Any chance the service provider you recommended will be affected as well? I am following your method in BHW.. hopefully the result will stay..

    • The only way to avoid such penalization is by using many different anchor texts; at least 5.

      I am going to have 6,000 – 10,000+ ALN links point to in the upcoming weeks along with tens of thousands of wiki links, social bookmarks, and 70,000+ Scrapebox comments to see the new playing level in Google; stay tuned.

      • Thanks for the reply. Correct me if I’m wrong.. link diverse with various keyword to avoid G penalty. Waiting for your test result. Would you be kind enough also to share the structure with the various types of links for your test?

  10. damm this i getting bad, i sure hope aln gets fixed. i have an order with jacky and i was just thinking about asking for a refund. they need to fix these bugs

    • Be patient, they will have to fix it soon because they have many customers. Also remember that because you are a subscriber of mine, from now on you get 10% off when you order from Jacky8. You simply message Jacky, and say Bobbylove sent you, and that you would like 10% off with paypal.

      • k brah, i’ll hang in there. i think many of the recent blogs lost are not due to deindexing, it may be that people are getting scared and some are pulling out

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