The “Budge” Factor

Many marketers are not familiar with a trick that I like to call the “Budge” factor.

What this trick does is rank you higher in the search engines with literally 1 minute of work.

The “Budge” factor works for sites that are not updated often, or sites that are only 2-3 pages.

So let’s say that you buy 100 High PR Links to your site with 3-5 different anchor texts, and your site moves from #275 to #47 within 2-3 days.

You like the results that you saw with the 100 High PR Links, so now you decide to buy 500 High PR Links, but this time your site goes from #47 to #127 or your site does not move. Hmm, makes no sense, right?

Google has labeled your site as “static”; it does not move because it has already been shuffled in Google’s index algorithm to place your ranking even though you have built more links.

How to get over this “static” label is to add ONE SENTENCE to your site’s main post (homepage).

This one sentence can really be anything that you want, but I suggest the following format (without the quotes):

Niche of the Site: Weight Loss

Targeted Keyword: Fitness Training

One Sentence: “It is really true that fitness training helps you lose weight when you are doing exercises for weight loss.”

You place such a sentence at the end of your first or second paragraph in your main / homepage post. Make sure that you have the Google XML Sitemap plugin already installed onto your wordpress site before you do this.

Now within 24-48 hours, Google will re-shuffle your site with the new 500 High PR Links boosting your site up in the search engines.

The reason that I include the niche, targeted keyword, and several “random” keywords (example: …you are doing exercises for) is because Google will zoom in on the ONLY change on your site, which is that ONE SENTENCE that reminds Google what your site and keyword are about (Google compares to the most recent cache and sees a one sentence change).

Your rankings should change and your site should move higher.

I did this recently with one of my sites, and it went from page 20 to page 8 for the targeted keyword within 12 hours. Another keyword went from page 15 to page 3 in about 24-48 hours.

This works and many marketers do not know about it ;)

3 thoughts on “The “Budge” Factor

  1. haha, what a great tip! i’ll have to add a sentence to a couple of my sites now for a test. i have 1 site in particular that has been shuffled as you described. good post

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