The Sneaky Way To Rank #1 In Google

This is the sneaky way to rank #1, which many marketers do not know and actually hinder themselves from attaining good rankings.

I call it the “Greed Factor”.

When you reach the first page of Google with your desired keyword, do NOT build more links targeting that anchor text.

What you need to do is target the LSI with the target keyword in it OR to completely target a made up word with the keyword in it.


You are on the first page of Google for “Prom Dresses”; you are #5 to be exact.

When you build more links, you either target “Cheap Prom Dresses”, “Short Prom Dresses”, or “Unique Prom Dresses”; all of which are LSI keywords.

OR, you can target something you made up (why do this when you can target LSI?) like “Cute Pink Prom Dress”.

What this will do is tell Google that you are ranking not just for “Prom Dresses”, which is already on the first page, position 5, but that you are “natural link building” with a variety of anchor texts.

What most marketers do not realize is that when you reach the first page of Google, especially the top 5, Google’s detector goes off.

The detector sometimes automatically goes off, and other times your competitors report you, which triggers the detector.

The detector analyzes your site, and determines whether you are targeting multiple anchor texts, using less than 1% keyword density, using unique content, etc.

The detector will position your ranking according to Google’s specified algorithm.

So how to beat the detector?

You target LSI or made up words when you are on the first page. The made up words have to be related to your niche, so if it is “Prom Dresses”, you can’t target “Animal Kingdom”.

Now here’s the trick.

Because Google sees “Prom Dresses” in the anchors “Unique Prom Dresses” or “Cute Pink Prom Dress”, it will not only rank you for the LSI keyword but also for “Prom Dresses”, which is the keyword that you were targeting.

This helps you attain that #1 spot!

Now what would happen if you target “Prom Dresses” when it is already #5 on the first page of Google?

You will get penalized and kicked out!

12 thoughts on “The Sneaky Way To Rank #1 In Google

  1. Bobby, Hi…

    I have sent you an email regarding the new Google penalties.

    Please let me know how to rectify this as I am not sure if you received my email.



  2. Great share. Keep it coming. So correct me if I am wrong.. we are going to build links using LSI keywords as anchor text when we reach first page. But that is if when you can reach first page. How about those that is struggling to reach there? Any pointers?

    • Great question!

      If you are struggling to reach the first page, you need to be targeting several LSI keywords.

      With the new Google update, if you target 1-3 anchors, you’ll get penalized, so the more anchors you use the better it is.

      When you have reached the first page of Google for your desired keyword, you no longer target that particular anchor.

  3. Hello Bobby, I have a niche which has a lot of competition, now I’m stuck at #13 , what should I do to get Higher? I saw you didn’t any new good service.

    • Hi,

      I am going to be testing several different types of links, such as articles, pads, social bookmarks, pyramids, etc. to see what is working with the new updates.

      • Ok, thank you bobby. By the Way i tested your ranking domination method, it worked GREAT I am from nowhere to #5 for a really competitive keyword, now i want to come to the top three. So I am still waiting for your advise to use the service to get on top 3.

        Thank you bobby you are great!

  4. I truly find this a interesting subject. Never looked at this subject in this manner. If you are planning to create more articles relating to this subject, I definitely will be back in the near future!

  5. Many thanks for writing valuable post regarding the subject. I am a fan of your site. Maintain the great work.

  6. hey man,
    i wonder if you have a first page for your main keyword, would you also try to target similar keywords ( keywords that appear high when searching my main keyword – they have lots of searches as well, and very similar to the main one but they are not containing the main one)

    would you go on them as well? or only on LSI keywords that contain the main keyword?

    i’d love to hear what you think, thanks a lot!

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